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Meat Curing, Pickling & Smoking Guides
Barrel Smokehouse Plans
Build Your Own Smokehouse
Easy Homemade Bacon Recipe
Make a Smoker from a Trash Can
How to Make Homemade Bacon
How to Smoke Chicken
How to Smoke Turkey
Little Chief Smoker Book
Smoked Fish
Uncle Dave's Smoked Fish
Smokehouse Brick Plans
Smokehouse Plans
Smokehouse Wood Frame Plans
The Art and Practice of Sausage Making
Smoking Fish At Home Safely
Smoked Salmon
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Hot Dog Recipes
Summer Sausage Recipes
Bologna Recipes
Pickled Fish From Cooks_com
Uncle Dave's Favorite Pickled Fish
Fish Pickling for Home Use
Making Ham At Home
Smoking A Store Bought Ham
Smoking Store Bought Ham 2
The Sausage Source
Eldon's Jerky And Sausage Supply
Lem Products Inc
The Sausage Maker Inc
Stuffers Supply Company
The Smoke Ring
Bradley Technologies (Canada) Inc.
PS Seasoning & Spices, Inc. (Wisconsin)
Wedliny Domowe
USDA Smoking Guideline
Home Sausage Making
Smoking Meat And Sausages
Home Sausage Making - University of Connecticut
Homemade Meat, Poultry, and Game Sausages
Wild Game Sausage Making
Safe Practices for Sausage Production
Proper Processing of Wild Game & Fish
Canning Smoked Fish
Homemade Bacon
Smoking Hams
How to Smoke a Store Pork Ham
125 Jerky Recipes
Smoked Cornish Game Hens
Smoked Pheasant
How to Make German Ring Bologna
Summer Sausage (Hi Mountain)
Uncle Dave's Smoked Bacon (Short-Cut)
Uncle Dave's Favorites
Uncle Dave's Smoking Store Bought Bone-in Ham
Other Information
Smoking Poultry
Curing and Smoking Poultry
Curing and Smoking Poultry 2
Making Brines
Uncle Dave's Favorite Beef Jerky
Uncle Dave's Favorite Ground Beef Sticks
Uncle Dave's Favorite Ground Beef Jerky
Uncle Dave's Smoking Store Bought Formed Ham
Home Canning Fish
Pickled Sucker
Canned Sucker or Salmon
Stuffers Sausage Recipes
How to Make Dried Beef
The 3 Men's Fish Smoking Process
Makin' Bacon
Bradley Smoker Recipes
Bradley - Recipes using Alder Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Apple Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Cherry Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Hickory Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Mesquite Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Oak Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Pecan Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Special Blend Bisquettes
Bradley - Recipes using Maple Bisquettes
Uncle Dave's Pork Breakfast Sausage
Uncle Dave’s Summer Sausage
Uncle Dave’s Smoked Cornish Gamehen
Uncle Dave’s Homemade Kupwurst
Homemade Deer Bologna
Lebanon Bologna - Home Made
Homemade Breakfast Sausage
Uncle Dave’s All-Beef Bologna
Smoked Maple Syrup Bacon
Scrap Iron Chef's Bacon
Dry-curing bacon
Wet-curing bacon
All About Brining
Morton Tender Quick
A Recipe for Kupwurst